Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Preview: Maya and Vishnu get into a nasty fight – Times of India

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Preview: Maya and Vishnu get into a nasty fight - Times of India

gave The drama Within Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Reaching new heights as a home Competition accelerates. with recent eviction For contestant Saravana Vikram, there has been a significant change in dynamics among the rest of the housemates, leading to increased tension and conflict.

In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss throws a curveball with the announcement of the open nomination process for the thirteenth week.

The teaser shows the nomination taking place in front of a plasma screen, setting the stage for a nervous breakdown. It is suprising, Maya And Nixin emerged as the contender with the most votes for possible elimination.
The teaser takes a dramatic turn when Maya is visibly agitated. Vishnu, leading to a tense exchange of words. The video also captures moments where the contestants taunt each other using colloquialisms, adding to the already fiery atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.
Here’s the promo:

The heated confrontation between Vishnu and Maya promises to be a focal point of the upcoming episode, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats. As tensions rise, it remains to be seen how the other housemates will react to this clash of egos and whether the alliance will be tested.
The latest promo gives a glimpse of the conflicts and power struggles brewing within the house, hinting at an episode full of drama and intense confrontations.

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