Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande slams Mannara Chopra after she overhears her back-biting about her; calls the latter ‘double faced’ | – Times of India

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande slams Mannara Chopra after she overhears her back-biting about her; calls the latter 'double faced' | - Times of India

Bigg Boss 17The upcoming episode will testify once again. Ankita Lokhande And Munara Chopra On Quarrels. Two women who have never appeared together on the show get into a fight. The makers of the show released a promo a few hours ago in which Manara looks oblivious to the fact that the Pavitra Rishta actress was sleeping on the sofa behind Ankita Lokhande. Ankita hears the whole conversation and confronts Manara. Soon a heated argument ensues between them.
Manara, who is sitting in the garden area, discusses with Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma and others about how Ankita Lokhande was worried about how she was being perceived outside. She adds that she was not bothered by Manoor’s emotional turmoil and just wanted to know how she looked on the show. Ankita overhears the conversation and taunts him that he should have the courage to speak directly to his face instead of gossiping.
Munara says, “Let alone what is going on in one’s life tomorrow, one has to know that someone is watching this spring, are you crazy, are you crazy?” Ankita stopped and asked, “Manara you can speak on me”. Manara, who is led back, refuses to speak further and Ankita taunts her that she will not speak now as she has been caught red-handed.”
Ankita says, “You didn’t know that I am sitting here, don’t show it so much, tell me, it has been told to you, you are speaking the truth, here you are. I am not explaining anything to you like you. Going. You dumbass, just a while ago you were telling your sob story and I was consoling you like a fool. I don’t go around handing out character certificates to everyone.
Manara says in her defense, “Our character is bad, we are like that, I am not your servant, who thinks in my own way.”

Ankita tells Manoor not to trust Manara at all as she is not trustworthy and double faced. Even his friends don’t know what he really is.
Manara in turn calls her selfish and asks her to correct herself and Ankita accepts the title of selfishness and what she will do about it.
For the uninitiated, social media influencer Ayesha Khan entered the show last night with a past. Manoor Farooqi. He accuses her of doing it twice with his girlfriend Nazila. Manoor publicly accepted for the first time that he had broken up with Nazila and had an emotional moment.

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