Before dying, constable claimed lover set him afire over affair tiff | Bengaluru News – Times of India

Before dying, constable claimed lover set him afire over affair tiff | Bengaluru News - Times of India

BENGALURU: A 30-year-old constable, attached to Baswanagadi Police Station And Krishna, who worked in the Chief Minister’s office, succumbed to burns around 4 am on Thursday. On December 6, she suffered injuries after her lover allegedly set her on fire during a fight.
She is deceased. SanjayShe is a resident of Thagaraj Nagar and Chanaraya is a resident of Patna. Accused Rani, 35, a resident of Ashtalakshmi Layout in JP Nagar and hails from Mandya district. She is working as a security guard in Bellandur.
Sanjay was posted at Baswanagadi police station in 2018 when he joined the police department. He was posted as CMO on OOD three months back.
Citing preliminary investigation, police said Rani was posted as a home guard at Baswana Gudi police station for eight months in 2020 and 2021. Sanjay became involved with Rani, who was by then married and a mother of two. He quit his job as a home guard and joined a private security agency. The two continued their relationship: Rani would visit Sanjay’s rented house and he would come to her house when her husband was away, police said.
Sanjay finished his morning shift on December 6 and was resting at home. Around 6 pm, Rani called him on the phone and asked him to come to her house. When both were together, Rani received a call from a person. When Sanjay asks who is the caller, he says it is his friend.
Sanjay loses his cool, forcefully takes his phone and checks the caller details and messages. He found that Rani had exchanged intimate messages with another man. Both of them had a heated discussion on this matter.
In his police statement on December 19, Sanjay said that during the argument, Rani threatened to douse him with petrol and set him alight if he continued to question him about his friendships with others. He went to a nearby fuel station, got petrol and dared to follow through on her threat.
He took a bottle of petrol and poured it on her stomach and back and set her on fire with a match stick. Rani herself doused the fire with water and took it to the burns ward of Victoria Hospital on her scooter, he said.
“The doctors alerted the VVpuram police. In his statement on December 7, Sanjay said he turned on the burner knob of the LPG gas stove and went out to get something without lighting it. Later, “He lit the stove and was injured by the fireball. But he changed his statement on December 19 and said that a woman known to him had set him on fire,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Rahul Kumar. Shahpur Ward said. According to a senior police officer, Rani claimed that she did not set Sanjay on fire. “She said that she poured petrol on herself and set herself on fire. She doused the fire with water and rushed her to the hospital. Rani’s husband is a painter and was on his way to Sabarimala when the incident happened. said the officer.

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