Becky Lynch anticipates future showdown with NXT’s rising star – Times of India

Becky Lynch anticipates future showdown with NXT's rising star - Times of India

New Delhi: The spectacular and trailblazing of WWE Becky LynchKnown as “The Man”, he has conquered legends and written his name in the annals of wrestling history. However, as Lynch continues his storied career, a new chapter awaits, and his sights are set on a potential clash with the 20-year-old rising WWE superstar.
The future opponent in question is Thea Hale, a talented talent who proudly boasts Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Jesse Jane.Hale’s meteoric rise culminated in a thrilling battle NXT Women’s Championship at Great American Bash 2023 In a heart-stopping submission match against the mighty Tiffany Stratton, Hale demonstrated his flexibility and skill by pushing his opponent to the limits. Despite a valiant effort, the championship slipped right out of Hale’s grasp.
Meanwhile, Lynch made a brief return to WWE’s third brand in 2023, holding the NXT Women’s Championship for 42 days before losing it. Lyra Valkyrie.

Becky Lynch’s recent NXT return wasn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. During a recent appearance on the Strutting From Guerrilla podcast, The Man unveiled his future perspective, including a potential future showdown with Thea Hale:
“There are other guys that I’ve had my eye on. I think Thea Hale is someone that I’m looking forward to seeing how she develops. She’s someone else that’s different. He’s got this certain charisma that I really like and really enjoy. So, I’m looking forward to stepping in the ring with him one day,” commented Lynch.

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