Bangalore Rain News: It’s pouring memes on internet as Bengaluru waits for rains | Bengaluru News – Times of India

Bangalore Rain News: It's pouring memes on internet as Bengaluru waits for rains | Bengaluru News - Times of India

As of the city Dry magic Moving on, Bangaloreans bring some comic relief with the creative. Memes.
Bengaluru is not Bengaluru as it used to be,” summed up netizens on X recently. The city is facing its worst ever. Water crisis In the midst of a scorching summer — and to make matters worse, the city did not see a drop of rain, even as other districts of Karnataka began to receive rain.
Now, onto a wave of memes social media Providing some much needed comic relief. These memes prove that Bengalis can find humor even in adversity.
no The rains For another week: IMD
According to reports from IMD, dry weather is predicted to persist in the city. However, scientists have predicted rain after April 20. They note that despite the lack of rainfall, there has been a significant reduction in rainfall. temperature In the last few days. Bengaluru recorded the highest temperature in eight years at 37 degrees Celsius on April 6. But on April 13, the temperature dropped to 34.6 degrees Celsius.
No Umbrella Needed: Save Yourself From Boredom With These Memes!
’38 degrees in Bangalore and no sign of rain’

‘Me: Waiting patiently. #BangaloreRains’
2 Mem

‘Rain in Bangalore’
3 Mem

‘When it finally rains in Bangalore’
4 memes
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