As popularity of e-rickshaws soar, govt mulls improvement in design for stability, passenger safety | India News – Times of India

 As popularity of e-rickshaws soar, govt mulls improvement in design for stability, passenger safety | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: As the number of Hey rickshaw With nearly 1.5 lakhs climbing the roads, the humble vehicle has become the dominant mode of transport for last mile connectivity in both urban and rural areas, the government is now looking at improving it. Design for them stability And better passengers Safety.
There have been several incidents of e-rickshaws overturning, sometimes due to their excessive speed.
According to the Motor Vehicle Act, e-rickshaws and e-carts cannot run at a speed of more than 25 kmph and must be equipped with a speedometer. They are also not allowed to carry more than four passengers as overloading can affect the stability of these vehicles.
Sources said the PMO recently held a meeting on e-rickshaws and directed the road transport ministry to study all aspects of e-rickshaws and take corrective measures. He added that the PMO has also asked the ministry to capitalize on the factors behind the popularity of this mode of transport and its success. Currently, there are more than 400 e-rickshaw manufacturers in India.
Measures being considered to improve safety include increasing the width of these e-vehicles for better stability and streamlining the fitness testing system and production conformity tests of vehicle models, sources said. To be done every three and two years.
Official data shows that in 2020-21, the registration of e-rickshaws was barely 78,700 and in 2022-23, about 3 lakh such vehicles were registered. Similarly, around 4 lakh e-rickshaws were registered during the last financial year.
“They have become popular across the country and are a source of employment. But there are some concerns that need to be addressed. These include congestion, speed breakers and falls over potholes. It is common practice to carry more than four passengers in addition to the driver, and there have been incidents of these vehicles traveling at speeds in excess of 25 kmph.

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