Apple plans Vision Pro launch in February, production and store prep in full swing – Times of India

Apple plans Vision Pro launch in February, production and store prep in full swing - Times of India

Earlier this year in June apple announced its first mixed reality headset, or as it’s called, Local computerVision Pro, stating that the headset will launch “early next year.” As the launch window approaches, Apple is making good on its promise, as is its plan. Vision Pro On shelves until February 2024.
Sources told Bloomberg that Apple is ramping up production of the Vision Pro, and that the headset has been in production in China at full capacity for a few weeks. The goal is to have units ready for consumers by the end of January, along with the product’s official retail release. It is scheduled for next month i.e. February. However, production issues could hamper the timeline, forcing Apple to push the launch further.
Apple touts app development for Vision Pro debut
Ahead of the release, Apple sent out an email to software developers, asking them to “get their apps ready” for the launch, suggesting that the upcoming release is imminent. “There’s so much more to come. And we can’t wait to see what next year brings,” read the message.
Apple Stores are ready with special pre-launch training.
Not only developers but also Apple is preparing its stores for the launch of the headset.
Apple is expanding its retail stores, making room for the upcoming $3,500 device. They’ll stock up on headsets and accessories like headbands, light cells and prescription lenses. Additional storage space, demonstration areas, and dedicated packaging areas for employees will be necessary.
The Vision Pro launch is Apple’s most complex yet, requiring custom assembly and fitting. To prepare for the launch, two staff from each store are invited to attend a two-day training session in Cupertino in January. Training will cover headset features, headband attachment, prescription lenses and lightsail. Retail employees are also taught new etiquette, such as placing devices comfortably on customers’ heads. Then, these trained employees will manage sales and teach others how to market the product.
Apple initially plans to sell the Vision Pro in the US, and then plans to roll it out to other markets by the end of 2024. The headset will first be available through Apple’s retail store before rolling out to other retailers.
The Vision Pro is said to have been released in limited quantities, and its hefty $3,500 price tag might not generate as much intrigue as a new one. iPhone. Hence, it is unlikely that Apple will hold another Vision Pro event during the launch of the device.

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