Apple may partner with Tata, Murugappa group to make these iPhone parts in India – Times of India

Apple may partner with Tata, Murugappa group to make these iPhone parts in India - Times of India

apple is reportedly in advanced talks with Murugapa Group and Tata GroupOf Titan Subcomponents for the company to assemble—and, possibly, manufacture— iPhone camera modules, people familiar with the matter told ET.
The move signals Apple’s intention to deepen its supplier base in India as it gradually moves its operations away from China. Currently, iPhones lack Indian suppliers for the key camera module, despite several models being manufactured in the country. An ET source revealed that a partnership with Titan or Murugappa could fill the gap.
Currently, Apple does not have Indian suppliers for the embedded camera module in iPhones, several models of which are now assembled in India. “A partnership with Titan or the Murugappa group could solve the problem,” a source told ET.
“In a five-to-six-month time frame, they (Apple) will decide who to bet on,” said one person familiar with the matter. This initial step will serve as a foundation to attract more sub-assembly manufacturers and eventually establish a complete local value chain that will include image sensors, lenses and entire camera modules.
What makes Titan and Murugapa strong contenders?
Both Titan and Murugapa have extensive experience in high-precision manufacturing, making them strong contenders for Apple’s partnership. Murugapa Group’s acquisition of Noida-based camera module maker Motion Electronics in 2022 positions it well, potentially enabling it to become an “end-to-end player” in Apple’s India supply chain. Titan, on the other hand, boasts Titan Engineering and Automation, a subsidiary with a proven track record in manufacturing high-precision components. in various industries.
The report highlights the possibility of future local manufacturing for camera module components. Murugapa’s current eligibility for government incentives to set up a semiconductor chip assembly unit, along with the ongoing construction of Tata Group’s $11 billion chip fab in Gujarat, suggests growth potential beyond assembly.
Diversifying supply chain and cost advantages
Local sourcing offers significant cost advantages for Apple while reducing dependence on Chinese suppliers. Image sensor chips, typically the most expensive component inside a camera module, are a key area where Apple could explore imports or local manufacturing.
Driven by India’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, Apple has stepped up its manufacturing efforts in the country. Partnerships with established players such as Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron (now under Tata Electronics) further strengthen their Indian presence.
The ET report also mentions Apple’s previous talks with Indian component makers such as the Aequs Group and early discussions with contract manufacturer Dixon Technologies.
With around ₹1 lakh crore worth of iPhones to be manufactured in India by March 2025, Apple’s commitment to the Indian market seems to be getting stronger.

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