Apple is making it easier for developers to attract more subscribers, here’s how – Times of India

Apple is making it easier for developers to attract more subscribers, here’s how - Times of India

apple is rolling out a new feature for developers on the App Store, allowing them to “attract or retain” paying users by offering them cheaper subscriptions. A feature called “emergency pricing for subscriptions” will let developers offer discounted subscriptions to users based on their previous purchases.
With instant pricing for subscriptions, developers can offer users a discounted subscription price as long as they subscribe to a different subscription. These discounts will be readily visible to consumers through on-app store and off-platform marketing channels. Apple will help developers implement it.
Users who download one company’s app may be eligible for a discount on a different developer’s product if they sign up. So, this offer is not limited to one developer, it can be used for subscription from one or two developers.
It is important to note that the discount subscription price will be reduced only if the user is currently subscribing to the first subscription. If the user cancels the first subscription, the discounted subscription will revert to its regular price.
“You can offer Ocean Journal premium subscribers the opportunity to subscribe to Mountain Climber at a discounted price of $4.99/month instead of the regular $5.99/month. Subscribers pay the discounted price as long as they remain subscribers to Ocean Journal, ” Apple explained in a post on the developers blog.
The feature is being tested with select developers and will be gradually rolled out to more developers in the coming months. Apple has asked interested developers to sign up for notifications, with more details coming in January.

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