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Ananya Pandey

Ananya Pandey He is currently busy promoting his new film.Where are we lost?In a recent interview, the actress reflected on her early acting career and revealed that she sought validation and struggled with wanting everyone to love her during the early stages. However, the actress prefers. Personal development and satisfaction with external validation.
Reflecting on her journey in the film industry, Ananya Pandey revealed that in the early stages of her career, which started with the film, ‘Student of the Year 2′ In 2019, he fought a strong desire for endorsements. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, she recounted the phase, revealing that she shared the ‘people-pleasing’ trait with her father. Chunky Pandey. Ananya openly admits that she faced initial confusion, wondering why everyone didn’t love her, as she thought of herself as a good person loved by friends and family.

Ananya Pandey’s rumored beau Aditya Roy Kapur and BFF Suhana attended the screening of ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’.

Ananya Pandey

However, the actress highlighted a significant change in her mindset this year. He stated that his current outlook on life and goals has changed. Ananya now gives more importance to personal development and experiences a daily sense of satisfaction. His priorities have changed, reflecting a deeper focus on personal development rather than seeking external validation.
As she eagerly awaits the release of her upcoming film ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kaan’, Ananya Pandey’s journey in the industry continues with a new perspective.

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