Alphonse Puthren claims ‘Gold’ was deliberately sabotaged in theaters: Not a genuine flop – Times of India

Alphonse Puthren claims 'Gold' was deliberately sabotaged in theaters: Not a genuine flop - Times of India

Alphonse Pathringenius Director from Mollywood, has responded strongly to the criticism surrounding his latest film ‘Gold’, insisting that the film’s failure was not a result of its quality but rather a dilution of its theatrical success. It was a deliberate attempt.

In a recent comment on his Facebook handle, Alphonse Pathrin made a comment questioning his fixation on the tumultuous reception of ‘Gold’. He refuted the idea that the film was a real flop by saying that it was done on purpose. Demolish, Destroy By some organizations within the industry.

Director Jeetu Joseph expressed his gratitude for ‘Nero’ receiving rave reviews.

Disputing the claims about the film’s failure, Alphonse Pathrin highlighted that ‘Gold’ has created significant expectations, as evidenced by its impressive Rs 40 crore collection even before its release. “It’s the only one,” he said. Prithviraj The movie that earned such a huge amount of money even before its release.
However, he alleged that the film’s downfall was caused by deliberate negative publicity and misrepresentations of undisclosed earnings, leaving him disillusioned and unsupported.
Expressing frustration at the lack of support and honesty in the industry, Alphonse Pathrin revealed his absence during the film’s promotional phase due to health concerns, assuming that others would take over. He only lamented the mismanagement and insidious attempts to tarnish the chances of ‘Gold’ inside the theatres, saying that ‘someone’ tried to malign his film in the theatres.
Earlier, Alphonse Pathrin expressed his dismay against theater owners, citing the lack of a conducive environment for film reviewers and questioning their support for his projects. He even said that his health has been affected by some parties.

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