Ajith meets Bhavana in Azerbaijan; the ‘Vidaamuyarchi’ actor’s kind gesture receives appreciation – Times of India

Ajith meets Bhavana in Azerbaijan; the 'Vidaamuyarchi' actor's kind gesture receives appreciation - Times of India

Ajit Working on his film with the director. Majestic Thromini, and the film is currently shooting in Azerbaijan. Now, Ajith has met his ‘Aasal’ co-star. Bhavna I Azerbaijan, and the video of both the famous stars has gone viral. Bhavana is shooting for her Kannada film ‘Pink Note’ in Azerbaijan, and her film is shooting close to Ajith.Vidamuyarchi‘Shooting place. Ajith, who learned of Bhavana’s close presence, approached the actress for a meeting and met her in between their shoots. But Ajith failed to reach the actress position on time. So he apologized to the actress for being late and the actress accepted it well.

Ajith and Bhavana were seen having a cute conversation in a video taken between their shoots, and the latest video is garnering a lot of attention on social media. ‘Aasal’ stars Ajith and Bhavana reportedly chatted with each other for around 30 minutes, and both reportedly elaborated on their attraction towards each other’s work. It is noteworthy that Ajith had previously met the cinematographer of ‘Pink Note’. Upendra Kumar at the same place, and the video of the two stars went viral on social media.
Meanwhile, fans are praising Ajith for his humility as he apologized to Bhavana for being late. Fans are also expecting the duo to reunite for a film soon.

Double Engine – Official Trailer

Directed by Magizh Thirumeni, ‘Vidaamuyarchi’ is touted to be a suspense thriller, and Ajith is sporting a new look for the film. dedicated Actor Has lost more than 10 kg to get super fit for his role in the film.

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