Ahn Bo Hyun breaks silence on intimate scene in ‘My Name’ – Times of India

Ahn Bo Hyun breaks silence on intimate scene in 'My Name' - Times of India

Ahn Bo Hyun And Han Soo Hee The starrer ‘My Name’ created quite a stir for various reasons. While the show was praised for its performances and visuals, viewers were surprised to see a surprisingly intimate scene in the final episode, which involved the two actors in a secluded beach house.
Han Soo Hee shared in a previous interview that she only learned about the scene after signing on for the role. In a later interview, Ahn Bo Hyun shared his thoughts on understanding the scenario. Mixed reaction He collected. Despite the controversy, he sees it as a portrayal of raw emotion between two characters who have experienced pain.
Ahn Bo-hyun acknowledged the different opinions about the scene, quoted by Koribo, “As I saw people’s opinions about the scene being divided, I saw that it was interpreted in different ways. Can be done. For me, as both Gio and Peldo have. Scars, I hoped they would be a source of comfort to each other.”
When asked about any concerns or pressures related to filming such a revealing scene, Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that “Director Kim Jin Min, writer Kim Ba Da, Han Soo Hee, and I were very nervous about filming it. Had a lot of discussion about it before and so I guess I didn’t. Didn’t feel too much pressure but was able to immerse myself in Pildo’s emotions.”

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