Actor and politician Captain Vijayakant passes away | Tamil Movie News – Times of India

Actor and politician Captain Vijayakant passes away | Tamil Movie News - Times of India

Popular actors turned politicians. Vijay Kantwho was admitted to the hospital a few days ago for a routine check-up and was found to be infected with the covid virus, has passed away. The DMDK founder, fondly called Captain, was out of hospital, having been battling an illness for some years. He was 71 years old. The K-town actor is in shock and has been expressing his condolences on social media.
On Tuesday, a statement issued by Vijay KantThe political party of Desiya Merpuku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) said that he was admitted to the hospital for a routine health check-up and earlier this morning, it revealed that Vijayakanth tested positive for Covid. done and he is on ventilator support. Difficulty breathing. A few hours later, the popular star seems to have passed away.
A statement from the hospital said, “Captain Vijayakanth He was hospitalized due to pneumonia and was on a ventilator. Despite the efforts of the medical team, he died on the morning of December 28, 2023.
Vijayakanth was one of the few Tamil actors who worked exclusively in Tamil films throughout his career. Vijayakanth excelled in versatile roles in a number of films falling under different genres although he was more popular as an action hero. He has acted as a police officer in more than 20 films, almost all of which turned out to be huge hits.
Some of his notable films include Satham Oru Arutarai, Noravathu Naal, Vedhigi Katheeronthal, Omai Vizahagal, Captain Prabhakaran, Pullan Vesarnai, Channa Gondar, Sethupathi IPS, Honest Raj and many more.

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