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Abu Jani Sandeep Khoslaof”The Return of the Music“Behind the scenes stands as a fascinating documentary, offering a unique encounter between legendary designers of the past and top supermodels. In this cinematic exploration, fashion, inspiration, ambition and life intertwine. has taken place, unveiling these creators’ extraordinary journeys into the glamorous yet demanding realm of haute couture.
Directed by Neha Sharma, the documentary captures moments during the shoot of a fashion-inspired music video.YogiSupermodel stars like Arjun Rampal, Nyanika Chatterjee, Sheetal Malar, Carol Gracias, Lakshmi Rana, Dino Maurya, Diana Erpa, and Ricky Chatterjee share stories and reminisce fond memories from the early days of their careers.
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The set exudes an atmosphere of exhilarating chaos, the perfect blend of fun and grandeur. The project’s backdrop is a 350-year-old ancestral estate in Goa, which retains its original Portuguese aesthetic, serving as an ideal companion for AJSK couture. Alila Diva, with her sultry allure, graces the poolside shots in the film. Over the course of three days, a dedicated team of over 100 people contributed to the creation of ‘The Return of the Music’ and ‘Jogi’. The costumes were styled by Varana and Shaunak for ‘Who Wore Kya Kab Paha’, and the musical duo ‘Brudo’ recreated the song brilliantly.
Prominent collections like ‘Gota’, ‘Dengler’, ‘Byzantine’, and ‘Nurtan’ share the spotlight, showcasing pieces embellished with traditional techniques like Vasli, Zardozi, mirror work, and more. Male models by MARD Abu Sandeep. Each outfit is intricately detailed, reflecting the celebratory energy that inspired this grand shoot — embellished hoods, dramatic silhouettes, and an abundance of pearls that dance gracefully. These collections include angarkhas, sarees, ghagras, skirts, jackets, and various other Indian, Western and Indo-Western silhouettes.
A wonderful glimpse into the movie Abu Jani. Sandeep Khoslaof jewelery and footwear creations, teases Abu Sandeep, “We have been working on the jewelery for the last eight months. It is a very exciting expression of our creativity and will be launched soon.”
The Return of the Music

New Delhi, Dec 22 (IANS Life) Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s ‘The Return of the Muse’ is a behind-the-scenes documentary in which designers go back to the past to talk about fashion, inspiration, ambition and life. Reunited with the top models. It charts their unusual journey into the glamorous, yet glamorous world of haute couture.

Renowned photographer Ram Shergal worked his magic during a stunning photo shoot, translating Abu Sandeep’s vision into visual splendor. The title of the fashion film is derived from its soundtrack, which features a modern rendition of the song ‘Ranjha Jogi Ho Gaya’ by the musical duo Brodo, showcasing the designers’ passion for both fashion and music. has been done
Sandeep shares, “I told Brodo’s Nikol and Sahil that the music should capture the spirit of the anthem. I was also keen to do a folk Punjabi song. We explored the options and chose Jogi because of his The lyrics speak of Heer Ranjha, the eternal lovers of Punjab. Nikol and Sahil work their magic, and here we have a Jogi song like never before, sung beautifully by Ishita Chakraborty. was sung!
In this context, a ‘jogi’ refers to a person devoted to love, which Abu Sandeep emphasizes, “We cannot limit love to romance. Love is a feeling that goes beyond the beloved. There is a way of doing and a way of seeing. We are dedicated to our art, which is essentially our labor of love.”

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Looking back on the roller coaster of 2023, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla wanted to start 2024 with a sense of celebration, culminating in the creation of ‘The Return of the Muse’ and ‘Jogi’. These projects, in collaboration with their original music, revisit creative roots and signal the reinterpretation of traditional techniques in new fashions for the coming year.
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