A court in Romania rejects Andrew Tate’s request to visit his ailing mother in the UK – Times of India

A court in Romania rejects Andrew Tate's request to visit his ailing mother in the UK - Times of India

Bucharest: A Court of Romania Rejected one on Friday Application By means of distributive influence Andrew Tate temporarily leaving the country to visit his mother in the UK after she suffered a heart attack, his spokesman said.
Tate has been charged in Romania. Human traffickingForming criminal gangs to rape and sexually exploit women.
Following the decision by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, a Tate spokesperson said: “We are disappointed by the decision. On Thursday, Tate told X, who had previously said in a post on Twitter that his mother had been hospitalized and would ask the court for an “emergency visit to London”.
The court’s decision comes nearly a year after Tate, his brother Tristan and two Romanian women were arrested near Bucharest. Romanian prosecutors formally indicted the four in June. He has denied the allegations and a trial date has not been confirmed. Still they cannot leave the country.
“Andrew and Tristan have maintained an impeccable record of complying with all restrictions and have never violated any regulations, confirming their commitment to compliance and demonstrating that they are not a risk to flight, The spokesman said in a statement.
Tate’s lawyer, Yevgeny Widenek, said before the verdict on Friday that the brothers also wanted to spend the holidays in a familiar environment. Afterwards, Andrew Tate tweeted that “No one is innocent. Until proven guilty in Romania.”
Earlier this month, geographic restrictions against Tets were eased, allowing him to travel freely around Romania with prior court approval, rather than being confined to the Bucharest municipality and nearby Ilfov County areas. was That decision, which dismissed the prosecution’s appeal, was final.
The case against all four defendants is still in preliminary chambers, a process in which defendants can challenge the prosecution’s evidence and case file.
Andrew Tate, 37, who has amassed 8.5 million followers on Twitter and X, has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors have no evidence against him and that there is a political conspiracy to silence him. Earlier, he was banned on various popular social media platforms for expressing abuse and hate speech.

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