700 inmates get job in hotel industry, 1200 more to get employed soon: Tihar prisons chief | India News – Times of India

 700 inmates get job in hotel industry, 1200 more to get employed soon: Tihar prisons chief | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: About 700 prisoners are employed and 12,00 more are currently employed. training Tihar Director General (Prisons) Sanjay Baniwal said that working in different sectors after coming out of jail.
In an interaction with PTI editors at its headquarters on Monday, Baniwal, a 1989-batch IPS officer, said he was happy to see prisoners, who get jobs after serving their jail terms.
Beniwal, who held the post of DGP Chandigarh, has been posted as DG Tihar from November 2022.
Answering a question. Prison Reforms During his tenure at Tihar, Baniwal said, “We have started. Skill development A program supported by the Ministry of Urban Development within the prisons. About 700 prisoners have got this facility under this programme. a job I Hotel industry And 1,200 are training to get jobs in hospitals.
According to the jail authorities, infrastructure has been provided within the jails for the training of Under Trial Prisoners (UTP). The program was launched in early 2023.
Baniwal said that upskilling and empowering prisoners is what makes them capable.
“I saw the smile and the sparkle in their eyes when they got their certificates and letters to work outside,” she said.
Responding to a question about the 20,000 inmate population in Tihar Jail, which is seeing 20,000 inmates against the sanctioned number of 10,000, Baniwal said building more jails is not a solution.
Delhi has three prison complexes — Tihar, Rohini and Mandoli — and all of them comprise central jails.
“Maybe we can find other options or better ways to punish, at least those who are guilty,” he said.
Giving an example, he said that recently a youth was caught stealing Rs 300 in pick pocketing and was brought to Tihar. He stayed here for five months before being granted bail.
“I am spending Rs 800 per prisoner/day which costs us around Rs 24,000 per month. For this Rs 300 theft penalty I spent your money (treasury) around Rs 1,20,000 in five months. Is that the right question we need to ask,” said Baniwal.
He said the proposed jail at Narila, Delhi would cost around Rs 170 crore for 250 inmates, which is a costly affair.
gave Tihar Jail The Chief said that the existing Model Provisions Act of Jails provides for the option of placing anklets to monitor the movement of inmates who are released on furlough.
“Why can’t we do for those who are sent to Tihar like the Arnesh Kumar decision not to arrest people for certain offences. You can certainly control their movement to their homes, Can geofence in court or workplaces that person is more productive and less burdensome but this is my personal opinion, I may be wrong.
On prison privatization as in foreign counties, Baniwal said that despite privatization, U.S. prisons remain overcrowded.
“The number of arrests per 100,000 people in the US is much higher than in India. Privatization of prisons depends on the situation of the country and how it is governed,” he said.
Talking about the facilities and infrastructure in the jail, Baniwal said that under the “correctional administration” the officials work hard to change the emotional impact and mental vibration of the inmate.
“We run spirituality courses, meditation and targeted exercises for inmates, where they are forced to do what they did in the past with the crime. I have many examples where they talk about their mistakes. “They write and say they will never commit a crime whenever they get out of jail,” he said.
“I am planning to start a ‘post-release care centre’ where we will follow them after they come out,” he said.
Baniwal said that inmates celebrate every festival and participate in national events inside the jails so that they cannot get away from reality.
“We try to make their lives as normal as possible. Many people don’t have visitors because their family members live far away, we have a facility called the ‘touch scheme’,” he said. is where we hug them and give them gifts on occasion,” he said.
Baniwal said that he meets the inmates and listens to their problems and tries to solve them.

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