300 Indians grounded in France amid ‘human trafficking’ concern: All you need to know, FAQ | India News – Times of India

 300 Indians grounded in France amid 'human trafficking' concern: All you need to know, FAQ | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: French judges will decide on Sunday whether nearly 300 Indian citizensSuspected of being a victim of Human traffickingshould continue to separate into a small. French airports.

Plane Grounds in France: Anonymous ‘Human Trafficking’ Hints, Other Details of Flight With 2 Detainees and 303 Indians

En route to Central America, passengers are intercepted. Vitry Airport Dramatically from Thursday Police operation Encouraged by a tip about the potential Human Trafficking Schemeofficials said.
According to the Marne region administration, the passengers will appear before judges throughout the day, who will decide whether to extend their detention at the airport. If they can no longer be held, they will be free to leave the country.
What you need to know about the case:
Why were around 300 Indian nationals detained at Vitry airport in France?
The men have been detained following a police operation that tipped off a possible human trafficking scheme. They were on their way to Central America when authorities stopped them at Vitry airport in the Champagne country. The arrest is part of an ongoing investigation.
Since when were the passengers kept at the airport?
The passengers have been kept at the Vitri airport since Thursday. The legal process is currently underway, with judges deciding whether to extend their detention or allow them to leave the country.
How did India respond?
India has said it is working with the French government for an early resolution of the situation. The Indian Embassy team has reached and obtained consular access. We are investigating the situation, also ensuring the welfare of the passengers,” the mission said.

What is the legal procedure for detainees?
The passengers are appearing before judges who will decide whether to extend their detention. There is an urgent need because foreigners cannot be kept in the waiting room for more than 96 hours. If their detention cannot be extended, they will be free to leave the country. The maximum initial detention period is 96 hours, which may be extended by eight days with judicial approval and by a further eight days in exceptional circumstances.
Are there children among the detained passengers?
Yes, passengers include children and families. The youngest is a 21-month-old toddler, and the children include several unaccompanied minors, according to the local civil protection agency.

Is there legal action?
To deal with the urgency of the situation, four hearings are scheduled simultaneously, with four judges, four clerks, and at least four lawyers, with interpreters. The goal is to comply with legal time constraints and ensure a fair and thorough investigation of the case.
Is human trafficking suspected?
Two passengers have been detained as part of a special investigation into suspected human trafficking by an organized crime group. The Paris prosecutor’s office did not provide details about the alleged trafficking or the final destination, as the investigation is ongoing.
What about the airline involved in this incident?
Legend Airlines, the Romanian-based airline that operates charter flights, has denied any role in possible human trafficking. 15 crew members were questioned and released. The airline is cooperating with French authorities, insisting on compliance with regulations and distancing itself from any alleged wrongdoing.
How does the charter process work?
A “partner” company chartered the plane and was responsible for verifying each passenger’s identity documents, the airline’s lawyer said. The passport information was communicated to the airline 48 hours prior to the flight. It indicates the complexities of charter operations and the various institutions involved.

Nicaragua, what is the background of the intended destination?
The US government has identified Nicaragua as one of several countries that fail to meet minimum standards for ending human trafficking. It has also been used as a springboard for migration for people fleeing poverty or conflict, sometimes facilitated by charter flights. The geopolitical context adds a layer of complexity to the situation.
Has there been a recent increase in Indian migrants using this route?
Yes, Indian migrant arrivals through Mexico have increased from less than 3,000 in 2022 to more than 11,000 from January to November this year. The United States has seen a substantial increase in Indian nationals entering illegally from Mexico, highlighting growing migration patterns and potential challenges in border control.
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Watch Among the 303 Indian passengers on the flight that landed in France were 11 minors.

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