1-2-3 magic: Las Vegas set for record-breaking wedding bonanza on New Year’s Eve – Times of India

1-2-3 magic: Las Vegas set for record-breaking wedding bonanza on New Year's Eve - Times of India

Las Vegas, known as the “Wedding Capital of the World”, is set to witness a record breaking number. Marriages On New Year’s Eve 2023, possibly surpassing its previous one-day record. This increase in marriages is attributed to the date’s unique numerical pattern, 12/31/23, which repeats as 1-2-3, 1-2-3. This pattern, which I call “special history”. The Las Vegas Wedding IndustryExpect to attract a significant number of couples.
The current record for most weddings in a single day in Las Vegas is 4,492, which was set on July 7, 2007. Another notable special date was November 11, 2011, when 3,125 couples tied the knot. These special dates are very popular for weddings because of their memorable and unique setting.
New Year’s Eve, which is already a time of grand celebrations, adds to the allure of this special date. Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas Weddings, which operates several venues, emphasized the combined appeal of the special date and the festive nature of New Year’s Eve. He noted that such dates are always extremely popular, but combining it with New Year’s Eve makes it even more special.
“It’s a double whammy,” Melody Willis-Williams told the AP. “Whenever you get these special dates, they’re always extremely popular. But combine it with New Year’s Eve and it’s a showstopper.
Typically, New Year’s Eve attracts 450 to 550 couples to get married in Las Vegas, a trend seen since 2018. However, this year is expected to be different. Vegas Weddings, for example, is fully booked for midnight at its various venues. The company expects to marry more than 120 couples on New Year’s Eve alone, with five of those weddings set to take place by midnight.
Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya highlighted that couples getting married on special dates in Las Vegas often describe those dates as “magic dates” that are easy to remember. It also underscored the dynamic appeal of a group celebration, where the collective excitement of the couple getting married enhances each couple’s individual experience.
“I think the celebration that the group dynamic is really fascinating,” Goya told the AP. “When everyone lines up and they’re all getting married and excited about being in love, it just enhances their own experience.”
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