’02 riots: Gujarat revokes security of witnesses, former judge | India News – Times of India

 ’02 riots: Gujarat revokes security of witnesses, former judge | India News - Times of India

Ahmedabad: Appointed by the Supreme Court after fifteen years SIT A witness protection cell was set up for complainants/witnesses of the 2002 riots, the Gujarat government has withdrawn police cover from witnesses, their lawyers and a retired judge.
The SIT had constituted a special cell based on the recommendation of the Supreme Court in all the nine cases it was dealing with. They include Godhra Train massacre and subsequent carnage at Naroda Patiya, Naroda Gam, Gulbarg Society, Dipda Darwaza, Sardarpur and Uday.
Among those deprived of police protection is former Principal City Sessions Judge Jyotsana Yaganak, who had convicted 32 accused in the Naroda Patiya massacre of 97 people. It had two layers. security He was assigned after allegedly receiving threats on 18 occasions.
Guards will be posted at Yagnik’s house while a personal security officer will always shadow him. In November, the guards stationed at his home were reportedly removed without informing him. Sources said that Yagnik considered writing to the CJI about this but had other ideas.

Lawyers MM Tirmizi and SM Vora were also given police protection along with the witnesses.
Imtiaz Khan Pathan, the main witness of the Gulbarg Society massacre, said, “If anything happens to us, who will be responsible?” Court, SIT, or Police? If the police protection is removed, we should be given arms licenses for our own protection.” Pathan said that when most of the cases were pending in the courts and most of the accused were out on bail, the SIT’s withdrawal of police protection. was “inappropriate”.
Iqbal Baloch, a witness in the Dipda Darwaza case, said that instructions to police stations to keep tabs on him and others were “meaningless”. The decision to revoke the witnesses’ police protection came on December 13, apparently taking them by surprise. Officials said the Gujarat police withdrew all personnel deployed to protect witnesses, lawyers and a judge on the recommendation of SIT chief BC Solanki.
“After assessment, it has been decided to withdraw the protection… the concerned police station in-charge is requested to direct to take care of the safety of the witnesses,” the letter said.
The Ahmedabad police have since sought details of witnesses, complainants and lawyers whose security cover has been withdrawn. Solanki said he did not know exactly how many people had been assigned police guards under the witness protection program.

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